Jennifer_Batten guitar theft and recovery story

A massive thank you to all those who got involved in helping me get the word out about my stolen guitar!! There is good news to report this fine New years day! 🙂

The guitar was stolen out of my car with dark smoked windows, despite being stuck down low behind the drivers seat and covered with a jacket on Saturday evening. The window was smashed and the guitar and a 1TB hard drive were taken. My pal Ginger Caviness contacted KGW TV, who then put the story on-line and interviewed me before the Grand Marriot show New Years Eve I played at. I bet the thieving bastard (who gets an E ticket to hell) also saw the story and decided it would be too hard to sell with all the press, so he ditched it into the bushes early today.


A good Samaritan couple Randy and Cathy Hiles were walking their dog today and saw the guitar, took it home, and immediately put it up on the Craigs List lost and found. Someone else who had seen the story and also saw the lost and found notice, contacted them and referred them to the on line story. Randy then went researching the web to make sure the guitar was a match and then googled me for contact info.
As soon as we spoke, we nailed down a meeting place and KGW again came out to film the happy reunion. I don’t think most people would put in that kind of effort to find the rightful owner. It kind of puts your faith back into humanity!

Thanks to Moose for getting the guitar picture into the national Guitar Center system. And thanks to all my pals in the social network systems for passing the info around. It is so much appreciated!!!

That guitar has so much history and is irreplaceable. Aside from all the awesome autographs on it from Brad Paisley to Jimmy Page, I played it around the globe for 15 years with Jeff Beck and Michael Jackson and even Les Paul. Any musician knows that their main instrument becomes a part of them. You get to know every nuance of what it can do and there is no substitute for the hours you put into it that gives it that special “mojo”.Image

Since it was stolen, I put in a lot of hours on line and found a few things that those of you who are musicians may like to know about

interesting gps gear tracking devices:

Happy New Year!–Jennifer



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